Massage Lotions Versus Oils: Their Differences And Why You Might Have A Preference

Before you get all excited about that massage lotion for sale, you should know more about massage lotions and oils. When you get a massage, which one does your masseuse use? Sometimes the massage therapists and massage experts have a preference for oil or lotion and use that exclusively regardless of the age of the client. Other massage therapists use lotions with younger clients and oils with older clients. Here is a comparison of the two, and why you might have a preference for one over the other: Read More 

Always Cold? Take These Steps When You Book A Massage

If you're the type of person who is always cold, regardless of the time of the year, you know that you can struggle to be comfortable. Often, you can feel better when you're clad in several layers of clothing, but this approach isn't exactly practical when you book a treatment with your registered massage therapist. Part of the reason you visit a massage therapist is for relaxation, but you'll be anything but relaxed if you're cold and uncomfortable during the treatment. Read More 

Do You Have Sciatic Pain? How To Relieve Your Symptoms

If you've started to have tingling or sharp back pain that radiates down your buttocks and legs, you may have sciatica, or pressure on the sciatic nerve (the longest nerve in your body, which runs down from your back to your feet). Sciatica can make it difficult for you to do everyday tasks and even sleep at night, so you will want to take care of it as soon as possible. Read More 

Breathe New Life Into Your Massage Appointment With These Three Variations

Frequent massage treatments provide an extensive array of physical and emotional benefits from pain reduction to less stress. If you visit a clinic after booking a massage, you'll typically receive a traditional Swedish massage or a variation thereof. This common form of massage is broad and can encompass everything from working on specific muscle ailments to providing overall relaxation. If you're looking for a switch from the familiarity of Swedish massage, many clinics offer a wide range of other forms of treatment. Read More